How to install, update and uninstall DVBLink products using DVBLink Package Center

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DVBLink Package Center Access

All DVBLink products are available for installation as DVBLink packages. The packages can be installed, updated and uninstalled from DVBLink Package Center interface.

To access DVBLink Package Center, open DVBLink web configuration interface (How to access DVBLink Configuration web page), navigate to Products tab and press Install/Update button:

Package center acess.jpg

The DVBLink Package Center dialog will appear:

Package center dialog.jpg

Automatic DVBLink package installation from DVBLogic website

DVBLink Package Center dialog lists DVBLink product categories on the left and the available DVBLink products for the selected category on the right.

Each DVBLink product has a short and detailed description and Install/Repair/Update links.

To install the software simply press on the Install link next to your DVBLink product of choice:

Package center install package.jpg

DVBLink Server will automatically download a package from DVBLogic website and present a EULA dialog:

Package center eula.jpg

Upon the acceptance of EULA, DVBLink Server will continue with a product installation. When installation is completed the newly installed DVBLink product will appear in the list of installed products on Products tab of DVBLink Server configuration interface.

Manual DVBLink package installation

If the system where DVBLink Server runs is not connected to the Internet, DVBLink packages can be installed manually.

To perform manual DVBLink package installation, download the dlp package file for your host system (Windows PC or a particular NAS model) from DVBLogic website. Put downloaded dlp file into some folder on you hard disk.

Open DVBLink Package Center dialog and press Upload button:

Package center upload.jpg

Select your downloaded dlp file and press Upload:

Package center upload package.jpg

Follow the steps of installation wizard to install/update DVBLink package.

DVBLink package uninstallation

To uninstall DVBLink package, select the product that you would like to uninstall in the product list on Products tab of DVBLink Server configuration interface:

Package center uninstall package.jpg

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