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Dreambox configuration

Setting up your DreamBox

Please make sure that you have set up your DreamBox before you start installation of DVBLink for DreamBox. During DreamBox setup you have to configure satellites/cable providers, scan channels and add channels, which you would like to make available via DVBLink, to TV bouquets.

DVBLink for DreamBox makes use of all channels from all TV bouquets of DreamBox (the actual names of bouquets do not matter).

After you have set up and configured DreamBox put it into standby mode. It is also strongly recommended not to control DreamBox with the remote when it is used in combination with DVBLink. This may disturb normal DVBLink operations.

Connecting DreamBox to your DVBLink Server

For DVBLink for DreamBox to work correctly a host, which runs DVBLink server and a DreamBox should be able to communicate with each other via network. Please refer to the DreamBox manual on how to set up its network connection.

The following things are important to set up correctly:

Once the network communication between DreamBox and DVBLink Server host is set up, test it by opening browser and typing IP address of DreamBox into browser’s address bar. If communication was setup correctly you should see web control interface of your DreamBox in browser window.

DVBLink Configuration webpage

How to access DVBLink Configuration web page

Activate DVBLink for Dreambox trial

How to activate DVBLink software trial

Add DVBLink for Dreambox instance

Navigate to Sources tab of DVBLink configuration web page. This tab shows all installed DVBLink sources, including DVBLink for Dreambox. To actually use DVBLink for Dreambox you need to add DVBLink for Dreambox source:

Config add dreambox.jpg

Enter name for a new instance of the DVBLink for Dreambox source in the dialog that comes and press Ok button.

DVBLink for Dreambox configuration

Select a DVBLink for Dreambox instance in the list on the right and press Settings button next to this source to start its configuration dialog:

Settings dreambox props.jpg

Here you have to configure the following properties:

Leave all other parameters as is unless you have changed them in DreamBox configuration itself.

Channel selection

Once you have set up your DVBLink for Dreambox source instance please proceed with channel selection as described in How to select channels.

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