TVMosaic (CE) Community Edition

TVMosaic (CE) Community Edition is an opensource version of the commercial TVMosaic product. It features all functionality of the commercial TVMosaic except for DLNA, TVButler support on non-windows platforms and TVAdviser.
TVMosaic CE is licensed under MIT license. The source code and the latest installers are available at the GitLab.


Sorry, we are closed

After many years spent on the development of the DVBLink and TVMosaic software we sadly announce that it has come to an end today.
The decline in the global linear TV usage has set the downward business tendency and coronavirus pandemic was the final straw.

The company closure means the following (effective today):
  • All DVBLogic business activities are completely stopped
  • TVMosaic and DVBLink products and their upgrades are not available for sale anymore
  • Forums, wiki, dvblogic web page, mailing lists and social pages cease to exist
  • All previously available support e-mails (info@dvblogic.com and tvmosaic@dvblogic.com) cease to exist
  • There is a special e-mail created to address the licensing issues and any other post-mortem requests: afterlife@dvblogic.com. Please, note that no technical support will be provided at this e-mail address. It can take several days before the e-mails are answered (if at all, depending on the nature of the request)
  • TV guide data for TV Adviser products will be delivered until 30 August 2020
  • All existing TVMosaic and DVBLink users may continue using their products without any restrictions. The re-licensing issues can be addressed via the self-service license portal (a number of self re-activations has been increased to 5 in any 6 months window) or, if i does not work, by writing to our e-mail address, mentioned above. The support in licensing issues will be provided at least until 31 December 2020.

We would like to thank all our users who have been with us all these years.

Latest downloads can be found here

DVBLogic team