Smooth h265 video playback for your TV channels

19 May 2017

Plus up to 20% discount on TVButler "Tuner only" and DVBLink TVSource!

h265, also known as HEVC or 4K video, is a new video compression standard that offers superior picture quality at moderate bitrates. Many broadcasters adopt this new standard to provide its audience with new viewing experience of vivid high resolution TV streams.

We, at DVBLogic, are ready for a challenge. New build of our DVBLink Viewer and DVBLink Player products, released today, has a new video decoding engine. This engine offers huge improvements in h265 video decoding efficiency for Windows, MacOS and desktop Ubuntu platforms, resulting in a smooth and crisp video.

So, what's more?

For you to make most of this new functionality, we offer DVBLogic TVButler "Tuner Only" stick for only 50 euro! This versatile triple stick can be used to watch SD, HD and 4K clear/unencrypted digital cable (DVB-C) and terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) TV channels on Windows, MacOS or Ubuntu PC with free DVBLink Player application.

And, of course, with TVButler "Tuner only" stick you can enjoy 4K live TV directly on your Amazon FireTV 2nd gen player with a free TV Mosaic app!

What if you already have a compatible tuner? Then you can still enjoy 20% sale on our DVBLink TVSource software on all supported platforms!

Hurry up! This special offer expires 23:59 CET on 28 May 2017.

* h265 decoding is a very computationally intensive operation and requires at least Intel i5 (or comparable) CPU

Faithfully yours,
DVBLogic team