DVBLogic team is proud to present the new DVBLink product suite major release - DVBLink v6!

01 Jun 2016

The new DVBLink version adds several new exciting features to its already impressive feature list and improves further on stability and ease-of-use aspects.

DVBLink Theatre

DVBLink v6 introduces new apps for Android and AppleTV platforms - DVBLink Theatre. These apps were specifically developed for big TV screens and optimized for remote control.
DVBLink Theatre app is available in several flavours:
  • DVBLink Theatre app for AppleTV (in RC phase currently, will be available in AppStore end of June)
  • DVBLink Theatre (AndroidTV) app: special version for AndroidTV "leenback" devices, like NVidia Shield, Sony Android TVs, Nexus PLayer etc. (currently under approval in PlayStore)
  • DVBLink Theatre app for all other Android devices, connected to TVs and equipped with remote control (currently available on PlayStore)
  • DVBLink Theatre app for Amazon FireTV devices (under approval in AmazonStore)
Those of you, who use app side-loading, can download apk files from our forums.


DVBLink v6 features SendTo functionality - a convenient way to archive recordings to local media or cloud services, with optional video transcoding.
With SendTo functionality it becomes very easy to take your recordings with you for offline viewing or access your recordings without a direct connection to DVBLink Server from multiple devices while you are on the go. DVBLink supports manual SendTo operation for existing recordings and (optional) automatic operation for record series.
DropBox cloud service is supported in first release with more services to be added in the future.

DVBLink Player

A newcomer in DVBLink product family - DVBLink Player - handy TV player for desktop platforms (Windows and MacOS currently supported). DVBLink Player is a free of charge stand-alone product, which offers PVR functionality on a single computer where it runs.
Inherited from regular DVBLink TVSource v6 product, DVBLink Player provides most of its features - e.g. USB and network tuner support for dvb-t/t2/c/s/s2, CAM support for PayTV, channel logo and favorites, built-in player for live and recorded TV, advanced scheduling support - but scales them down to a single computer use.
For better user experience and recording timer management, DVBLink Player supports DVBLink TVAdviser integration with its high quality program data.
The feature comparison chart between DVBLink Player and regular DVBLink products is available on our Wiki

Visit DVBLink Player web page to learn more about the product.

Built-in video player for desktop DVBLink installations

DVBLink v6 for desktop platforms (currently Windows and MacOS) comes with a built-in video player for watching live and recorded TV.
Users of embedded/network DVBLink installation can also make use of DVBLink Viewer program on Windows and MacOS to watch live and recorded TV from that installation without the need of installing 3rd party video players.

Other important additions and fixes

  • Added: Channel logo support
  • Added: DVBLink Android app 4.0.0 gets channel logo support, SendTo support and built-in video player
  • Added: HDHomeRun Prime support is integrated into DVBLink for IPTV source
  • Fixed: Kodi/VLC does not play transcoded recordings properly
  • Added: interface to scan all selected channels for lock/signal presence/decryption
  • Added: configurable pattern-based file name for recordings
  • New: ffmpeg on all x86 platforms (Windows, Ubuntu, NAS, MacOS) supports h265 decoding/transcoding
  • Fixed: slow EPG import in Kodi

Full list of DVBLink v6 changes can be found at our Wiki

Changes in DVBLink product line availability and pricing

Support for 32 bit Ubuntu was dropped in DVBLink v6. Existing DVBLink owners on 32 bit Ubuntu platform will be automatically upgraded to DVBLink Ubuntu 64 bit license, should they decide to upgrade.
DVBLink IPTV Server has a new licensing scheme in DVBLink v6. It has become a subscription product with subscription periods of 3 and 12 months. Existing v5 users of DVBLink IPTV Server will be automatically upgraded to a 3 months v6 license during upgrade process.


DVBLink v6 is a voluntary paid upgrade for existing DVBLink users. Those, willing to upgrade, will get 50% discount on a regular DVBLink v6 product price.
All DVBLogic customers, who have purchased DVBLink license in 2016 may upgrade to DVBLink v6 for free until 31 July 2016. This also include all customers, who have purchased TVButler/DVBLink bundles (both in 2015 and 2016).
Paid upgrade procedure is described in details on DVBLink Wiki


DVBLink v6 server installer can be found at the Downloads section of our website.
DVBLink Player can be downloaded from its dedicated web page.

Installation procedure

Important! Please make a back up of your DVBLink installation first! It will save you hours of your time should things go wrong during upgrade.
For the DVBLink v6 upgrade installation please follow the instructions from our Wiki

DVBLink v5 support

DVBLink v5 will be supported with critical patches for a period of one year until 01 June 2017.


DVBLogic team