DVBLink v5.5.1 for Synology platform with preliminary DSM6.0 and DS216Play support

11 Nov 2015

Version 5.5.1 of DVBLink products for Synology platform provides basic compatibility with the upcoming DSM6.0.
It fixes problems with DVBLink product packages installation and loading tuner drivers for legacy USB tuners. This version also adds DS216Play NAS model support.

Please note the following:

  • Tuner drivers for x86_64 Synology platform still have to be rebuilt to work on DSM6.0. We are waiting for GPL kernel source code dropoff from Synology to complete the task. Until it happens, DVBLink users of legacy USB tuners on x86_64 Synology platform should postpone upgrade to DSM6.0 to prevent broken TV functionality.
  • DVBLink on DS216Play does not support video transcoding at this stage. We will work on it as soon as we get access to transcoding API from Synology. Also, DS216Play only supports DVBLogic TVButler, HDHomeRun and sat2ip tuners in combination with DVBLink (e.g. all legacy USB tuners are not supported).
  • Synology has updated glibc in DSM6.0 on PPC platform (DS213+ and DS413 models). The new version of globc/DSM6.0 is not binary compatible with the DVBLink 5.5.0. It means that upgrade from DSM5.x to DSM6.0 involves mandatory update of DVBLink to v5.5.1. Until DSM6.0 is released, only DVBLink v5.5.0 is available for official download from our website. For those, who want to upgrade to DSM6.0 or already have done that, DVBLink v5.5.1 for Synology PPC platform can be donloaded here.