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18 Jul 2015

DVBLogic TVButler

Welcome DVBLogic TVButler - a unique all-in-one product for watching live and recorded TV on a platform of your choice.
TVButler 100TC is a triple stick, which supports DVB-C, DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards. The product also includes DVBLink TVSource license, USB extension cable and a DVB-T antenna - everything you need to enjoy your favourite TV channels.
Those of you who already have a DVBLink products license, can purchase a "Tuner only" version of TV Butler at a reduced price to serve as a 2nd, 3rd or, even, 4th tuner, so that you can watch and/or record multiple channels at the same time.
DVBLogic TVButler tuner is compatible with all platforms where DVBLink runs and is resistant to kernel/firmware updates, making it an ideal choice for setting up a TV server in combination with DVBLink TVSource software.

DVBLink v5.5.0

Launch of TVButler product is accompanied by launch of the new DVBLink version. Here are the highlights of the new release:

  • support for DVBLogic TVButler tuner
  • re-written/unified/improved UI of the DVBLink TV and Media library interface (updated mobile apps for iOS and Android, also with TV Adviser integration, will follow soon)
  • channel favourites support (web, Kodi)
  • dvb-t2 scanning fix for Octopus.net and for tuners, running on Ubuntu/RPi platorms
  • support for QTS 4.1.4 on QNAP x86_64 based NAS models
  • support for EX2100, EX4100, DL2100 and DL4100 WD NAS models
  • support for x51/x53 QNAP NAS models
  • - new only recordings: choice between epg repeat flag and "not recorded before" algorithm
  • - several fixes for crash situations

DVBLink Connect Server on Windows platform

DVBLink v5.5.0 discontinues DVBLink Connect! Server product. All its functionality is currently included into DVBLink Server installer.
Those having DVBLink Connect Server installed will be prompt to uninstall it during DVBLink server update.

Important note for DVBLink product owners on QNAP x86_64 based NAS models

DVBLink for QNAP x86_64 NAS models is only compatible with QTS 4.1.4. Those of you, running previous versions of QTS, will have to upgrade it to 4.1.4 to be able to run DVBLink v5.5.0 products.
If you are going to update DVBLink and QTS to the latest versions, please follow the steps below:

  • Make a backup of your DVBLink installation
  • Uninstall previous version of DVBLink from your NAS and reboot it
  • Update QTS to version 4.1.4
  • Install DVBLink sever v5.5.0 and all other required DVBLink products
  • Restore previously created DVBLink backup

Software update procedure

DVBLink v5.5.0 is free update for DVBLink v5.x owners. For owners of the previous version of DVBLink products regular upgrade rules apply.
DVBLink v5.5.0 can be installed on top of your existing DVBLink installation - e.g. no uninstall is required (except for QNAP x86_64 NAS models as dscribed above).
Please make a backup of your DVBLink installation before updating software, so that you can quickly restore your configuration should update be completed with errors.

As usual, detailed installation and configuration instructions can be found at our Wiki.


DVBLogic team