New DVBLink v5.1 build with new Synology platform and timeshifting for DNLA playback

23 Jan 2015

New DVBLink v5.1 build with new Synology platform and timeshifting for DNLA playback new-dvblink-v5-1-build-with-new-synology-platform-and-timeshifting-for-dnla-playback We have released today a new build of the DVBLink v5.1 products. This build comes with a number of exciting new features and important fixes, which makes it highly recommended for installation.

Here is the list of what is new and what is fixed:
  • General
    • Added: Support for Synology Armada375 NAS models (DS215j)
    • Fixed: Browser has to be refreshed (F5) when new DVBLink version/build is installed
    • Added: Server side timeshifting (pause live TV) for DNLA playback
    • Fixed: Unstable transcoded live stream start in mp4 format when high bitrates are used
    • Fixed: Chrome is unable to play transcoded live mp4 stream, produced by DVBLink
    • Fixed: Transcoded live mp4 stream does not play on Windows Phone
    • Fixed: Unstable playback of transcoded stream on iOS devices (playback stops after some time)
    • Added: Automatic web interface redirect from 39876 port to TV and Media Library screen for configured systems
    • Added: (Optional) Auto-delete of old recordings when low disk space threshold is reached
    • Fixed: From several channels, using the same EPG channel, only one gets refreshed during EPG update cycle
    • Added: "New episodes only" option uses for filtering the episodes, which have been recorded previously and deleted by user after watching them
    • Added: Advanced/Standard mode in DVBLink web configuration interface (Standard mode hides some of the tabs)
    • Added: Possibility to move existing recordings after recording directory has been changed
    • Added: Jump to an arbitrary date in Guide view of TV and Media Library interface
    • Added: Help tips on the complex DVBLink configuration pages
    • Fixed: Installation error messages of DVBLink Package Center are cryptic
  • DVBLink for IPTV
    • Added: Configurable user-agent string
  • DVBLink TV Adviser
    • Fixed: When no exact match is found during auto-mapping, TV Adviser (GB) always offers 5* channel as a substitute

The new build numbers are:
  • Build 11030 (all DVBLink products on Windows platform)
  • Build 11035 (all DVBLink products on Linux/NAS/RPi platform)

When updating the DVBLink installation, update your DVBLink server first and then update all installed DVBLink packages using DVBLnk Package Center.

Enjoy! DVBLogic team