Versatile and cost-effective TV server solution for hospitality market

The TV solution for hotels, guest houses, motels, hostels, elderly houses, sport bars, gyms and campings
What is DVBLink?
Ideally suited for small and mid-size hospitality places
Runs on COTS PC hardware (Windows and Linux)
Uses DVB-T/C/S channels (both encrypted and FTA), IPTV channels and IP cameras as input
Video file based input for info TV channels
Multicast and unicast output live stream with optional video transcoding
Warm integration with Stalker middleware and LG:ProCentric hotel TVs

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  • Windows PC
  • Linux


DVBLink IPTV server is a network TV server for small and medium businesses. It distributes TV and radio channels on the network in a way, so that each channel can be watched by multiple clients at the same time.
IPTV server is compatible with software and hardware players, which work with a channel playlist (m3u file), containing UDP (multicast) or HTTP (unicast) urls. Also, TV and radio channels, provided by DVBLink IPTV Server, can be easily integrated into TV infrastructure built around Stalker Middleware in combination with MAG settopboxes.
To save network bandwidth DVBLink IPTV server supports video transcoding feature that can be configured on per channel basis.


  • Runs on COTS PC hardware (Windows and Ubuntu 64 bit)
  • Network protocol: unicast (HTTP) and multicast (UDP)
  • Stream type: mpeg-2 transport stream
  • Supported inputs
    • DVB-T/C/S TV and radio channels (both FTA and encrypted)
    • IPTV channels
    • IP cameras
    • Looped video files
    • Slideshows, made from PDF files
  • Playlist files and links generation for all active channels or on per channel basis
  • TV system integrations
    • Live TV and EPG integration with Stalker middleware and MAG settopboxes
    • Live TV integration with LG:ProCentric hotel TVs
  • Audio/video transcoding functionality, available on per channel basis, with configurable transcoding bitrate
    • Transcoded stream codecs: h264 (video) and AAC (audio)