DVBLink v6 Update 1

29 Jul 2016

DVBlogic team has just released a new build for a number of DVBLink v6 products, commonly referred to as DVBLink v6 Update 1.

So, what is new?

DVBLink Player and DVBLink Viewer for Ubuntu x86_64 platform

DVBLink users on Ubuntu x86_64 platform from now have the convenience of watching live and recorded TV from a DVBLink server on their desktops without installing any 3rd party software - by using a built-in DVBLink viewer application.

DVBLink v6 Update 1 also comes with a free version of DVBLink software for Ubuntu x86_64 platform - DVBLink Player. This free edition offers many features of the full DVBLnk product and its ease of use and configuration at no cost for a single desktop PC.

For more information about DVBLink Player product, feature comparison, download links, please visit DVBLink Player page on our website.

AppleTV4 DVBLink Theatre app and updated DVBLink iOS app with built-in player

As many of you have noticed already, we have released a DVBLink Theatre app for AppleTV 4 and a new version of the DVBLink iOS app that features a built-in video player, SendTo functionality support and channel logos.

Both apps can be downloaded from Apple AppStore.

31 July 2016 is the last day of free DVBLink v6 upgrades (for those who are eligible)

This is a short reminder for those, eligible for free DVBLink v6 upgrades (all DVBLogic customers, who have purchased DVBLink v5 license in 2016, including all customers, who have purchased TVButler/DVBLink bundles both in 2015 and 2016).
31 July 2016 is the last day for free DVBLink v6 upgrade. Please hurry up! After that day you will need to pay a standard upgrade price.

Other fixes and new features

This update also includes:

  • Performance improvements for DVBLink Player/Viewer when decoding x265 video
  • Processing of multiple audio streams during SendTo transcoding
  • Introduction of admin/regular users for accessing different parts of the DVBLink web interface

The full list of changes can be found at our forums.

Download and installation

New DVBLink Server build can be downloaded from our website.

The packages, changed as part of DVBLink v6 Update 1 are DVBLink Server, DVBLink Player, DVBLink Viewer, DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for IPTV and DVBLink IPTV Server.
Please follow a regular update procedure: first, update DVBLink Server, following by updating installed DVBLink packages.

Faithfully yours,
DVBLogic team

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