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Setting up access from outside for DVBLink Connect! Server clients is no different from setting up you bit torrent client. So if you have configured a bit torrent client at least once you should recognize the steps. Also you might refer to the router configuration FAQ of bit torrent programs for the details.

To access the computer, running DVBLink Connect! Server, from outside your house you need to connect WAN and LAN networks. It is kind of making a tunnel from a client to the server computer. There are two essential things that have to be done here:

Ports that need to be opened

DVBLink Connect! Server uses a number of consecutive ports starting at streaming base port (default value 8080 for the DVBLink server unning on a PC, default value 8100 for the DVBLink server, running on a NAS) to actually stream TV signal to its clients. The number of consecutive streaming ports depends on a number of concurrent clients. Eight ports - e.g. 8080-8088 - should be enough for all practical reasons. Streaming ports (8080-8088) should be opened for both TCP and UDP communication protocols.

Firewall configuration

ADSL modems usually have all external ports closed to protect your home network, except for a number of standard ports - for HTTP access, FTP etc. To open the ports for DVBLink Connect! Server access you need to log into your ADSL modem user interface (most/all modems offer http access to them to configure the modem's propeties). Then you have to find Firewall configuration there and open required ports. Modem reboot might be necessary to apply the new settings.

Port forwarding

Port forwarding is done on your router. It effectively creates a tunnel from the external network to your internal network - e.g. it allows incoming requests from the outside network on the port X to be forwarded to the computer with the IP address x.x.x.x. To configure port forwarding you need to log into the user interface of your router and find "Port forwarding" configuration there. Depending on the type of the router it can also be referred as "Forwarding", "Application server" etc.

Once found you need to specify the following:

You may need to reboot the router to apply the changes.

That's it! Once both steps are finished you should be able to access you DVBLink Server from outside.

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