How to upgrade DVBLink v3/v4/v5 to DVBLink v6

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Make a backup!

Please make a backup of your running DVBLink installation before you start the upgrade. It will save you a lot of time, should the things go wrong during upgrade.

DVBLink v5.5.x

DVBLink v5.5.x products can be upgraded to DVBLink v6 products "in place".

Please start with upgrading DVBLink Server, followed by upgrading all other installed DVBLink packages from the DVBLink Package Center.

DVBLink v3/v4 and v5 lower than v5.5.x

DVBLink v6 is not binary compatible with these DVBLink versions and therefore will not let you install as update of your existing installation.

To upgrade your existing DVBLink version, follow these steps (applicable to all platforms):

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