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Channel merge is a very powerful and very important concept of DVBLink Server. By merging channels from different sources into a single logical channel user allows DVBLink Server to perform efficient tuner sharing among all its clients.

Merged channel combines individual channels, which provide the same logical content. These individual channels do not have to be physically identical – they may be offered by different networks (satellite, cable or terrestrial) or by different providers.

Channel merge is usually done automatically by DVBLink Server. As such, “Channel Merge” tab is hidden by default, unless "Advanced mode" is checked.

Channel merge is done on “Channel Merge” tab of DVBLink configuration webpage:

Ch merge.jpg

This tab has a tree view showing all selected channels. By default each selected channel will be individually available to DVBLink clients unless user merges it with another channel.

The channels can be merged by dragging and dropping them on another channel or with automation techniques like merging by channel name or by channel number.

Important! Try to merge as many channels as you can to fully exploit the tuner sharing power of DVBLink Server.

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