How to configure multiple sources with the same channel configuration

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What are the sources with the same channel configuration?

The sources are considered having the same channel configuration if they receive identical TV signal, e.g:

How does it work?

DVBLink supports source groups, consisting of a master source and one or more linked sources. Master source defines the configuration of a group.

During channel selection process the channels of a source group are operated as a whole entity - e.g. added and removed for all included sources at once.

Which sources support this feature?

Currently combining several sources into a source group is supported for DVBLink TVSource, DVBLink for IPTV and DVBLink AnalogTV.

How to properly configure these sources in DVBLink?

When a new source instances is added, DVBLInk will present user with a dialog for master source selection:

Config select master.jpg

Select one of the already existing sources as a master, optionally change the automatically generated source name and press Ok.

The new source will be added to the group of the master source that you have selected:

Config server master slave.jpg

How to select channels for the source group?

The source group is represented as a single entity on the Channel selection page:

Config group chselect.jpg

By adding or removing channels to/from selection you operate on all channels of all sources belonging to the group at once.

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