How to configure DVBLink TVSource v4.6.0 or higher

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Add TVSource instance

Navigate to Sources tab of DVBLink configuration web page.

DVBLink TVSource will automatically detect all compatible tuners and present them in the list as shown in the following figure:

Config46 add tvsource.jpg

To add an instance of the TVSource source for a particular tuner, press the Add button next to that tuner. Optionally change the automatically generated source name in the dialog that comes and press Ok button.

DVBLink tuner type confirmation

DVBLink TVSource automatically detects the tuner type. However under certain circumstances (incorrectly detected type or using a dual standard tuner) user may need to change this automatically detected type into a correct one.

DVBLink TVSource offers the possibility to change tuner type immediately after TVSource instance creation:

Config tvsource tunertype.jpg

DVBLink TVSource instance configuration

DVBLink TVSource configuration screen offers the functionality to search for (new) channels, edit already found channels and edit advanced settings:

Config tvsource main.jpg

Search channels

Search channels: DVB-T, ATSC and ClearQAM

Search channels: DVB-C

Search channels: DVB-S

Search channels: Advanced search options

Channel selection

Once you have set up your TVSource instance, please proceed with channel selection as described in How to select channels.

Advanced TVSource configuration options

Manage channels

Manage channels

Edit advanced options

Tuner settings

EPG scan

Signal check

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