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What is DVBLink?

DVBLink is a software package that turns your Windows system or NAS into a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). DVBLink records all your favorite TV programs directly to the hard disk of a NAS or Windows PC and distributes live and recorded TV content to a variety of clients on your home network.

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What is a typical DVBLink installation consists of?

Typical DVBLink installation consists of:

Which DVBLink TV signal source products exist and what are they for?

The choice of a DVBLink signal source product depends on your TV provider:

Which TV signal types are supported by DVBLink TVSource?

DVBLink TVSource supports Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2 and ATSC), Cable (DVB-C and ClearQAM) and Satellite (DVB-S/S2) TV signals.

Which TV providers are supported by DVBLink on NAS platform?

The TV channels from the following TV providers have been reported as working:

If TV channels from your TV provider are working with DVBLink on a NAS platform, but not on the list above - please let us know (either on forum, via e-mail or on twitter/Facebook)!

What is DVBLink EPG Loader and do I need it?

All DVBLink TV signal sources contain two built-in mechanisms for EPG retrieval:

If EPG information, provided by the methods above, is not complete, you may use one of the DVBLink EPG Loaders to fetch EPG data from internet EPG provider. This is a paid service (yearly subscription, prices vary depending on the EPG provider). However you usually get much better quality EPG data, including series information, large descriptions, thumbnails, crew information, genre etc.

Currently DVBLink supports integration with the following Internet EPG providers:

The exact channel coverage for each internet EPG provider can be found on our How To's page;

Which platforms are supported by DVBLink?

DVBLink runs on the following platforms:

What do I need to configure DVBLink for IPTV?

To configure DVBLink for IPTV you need a playlist with the channels of your TV provider.

DVBLink for IPTV includes playlists for some IPTV providers, like T-Home Entertain in Germany or Imagenio in Spain. If your IPTV provider is not listed under pre-installed playlists, please contact your IPTV provider to get one.

Please note that currently DVBLink for IPTV can only play non-encrypted (FTA) channels.

Can I watch encrypted (PayTV) channels using DVBLink on a NAS platform?

There is no general answer to this question. It is possible to watch PayTV channels of some TV providers using Tecnotrend CT2 4650CI tuner. Please check the CAM compatibility list if your CAM is present there: [1].

What should I do if my question is not answered here?

If your question is not answered here, you can browse our Wiki [2] or our Forums [3] to see if you can find the information there.

If your question is still not answered - register at our forums and ask the question there! You will get a response from the qualified technical people or other enthusiastic users of our products.

Tuner hardware

What tuner hardware is needed for DVBLink TVSource, running on a Windows PC?

The brands of supported TV tuners on Windows platform are listed on the product description page: [4].

What tuner hardware is needed for DVBLink TVSource, running on NAS?

The exact brands and models of the tuners for each supported NAS platform are listed on DVBLink TVSource product description web page for this NAS platform. To get there, go to [5], select your platform and then go to the DVBLink TVSource product page.

For DVB-C and DVB-S/S2 signal reception we recommend buying a tuner in our hardware shop:

These tuners are tested and guaranteed to work on all supported NAS platforms. Plus you will get a discount on the DVBLink TVSource software.

How many tuners can I use together with DVBLink on a NAS platform?

The maximum number of tuners is only limited by processing power available in a NAS.

From our experience even on the entry level NAS models you can reliably run up to four tuners.

Can I use tuners of the different types in the same DVBLink installation?

Yes, with DVBLink you can mix and match tuners of different types (dvb-t/t2/c/s/2/atsc/qam) and different manufacturers.

DVBLink clients

Which clients can I use to watch TV from DVBLink installation?

DVBLink supports the following clients for watching lie and recorded TV:

The full list of clients with screenshots and download links can be found at our wiki: [8]

Do I need to pay for the clients to watch live and recorded TV from the DVBLink installation?

No, all clients are for free. You only need to purchase the server side software.

How many clients can simultaneously watch live or recorded TV from the DVBLink server?

The number of simultaneous clients, watching live or recorded TV, is limited to 8 (eight) clients.

Also number of clients, watching live TV, is limited to a number of tuners, available in the system (if it is less than 8).

Please note that currently only single channel per tuner can be watched or recorded.

Can I watch live or recoded TV over the internet?

Reliable watching live or recorded TV over the internet is only supported for DVBLink server running on Windows platform. This platform is capable of transcoding (changing) video into a lower bitrate, allowing it to be sent over low-bandwidth mobile networks.

If your upload bandwitch (from you home) is good enough - e.g. 10 mb/s or higher - then you can also watch original (not transcoded) live and recorded content over the internet.

Please note that to watch live or recorded TV over the internet you need to open several ports on your router as described here [9].

Can I schedule timer recording over the Internet?

Yes, timer recording management over the internet is possible with all our clients.


Can I test DVBLink software before purchasing it?

Yes of course! All DVBLink products can be tested for 20 days with free fully functional trial mode.

This trial mode can be activated immediately after product installation as described on our wiki: [10]

Please contact us is you need a longer trial or would like your trial period to be reset.

How can I save money when buying DVBLink software?

You can get a discount on DVBLink TVSource price if you buy DVBLink TVSource for NAS platform together with the tuner hardware in our hardware webshop [11].

It is not only cheaper, but also tuner is tested and guaranteed to work on your NAS.

Will I get future upgrades and updates for my purchased DVBLink products for free?

All future updates (software releases that do not change the major version number) are free for all purchased DVBLink products.

Upgrades (software releases with increased major version number) are not free, but available with the discount for customers using previous versions of the DVBLink products.

What is your refund policy?

Read about our refund policy here [12].

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