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Download latest version of DVBLink Network Client

The latest version of DVBLink Connect! Server can be downloaded from the following link [1].

Do I need to install DVBLink Network Client?

DVBLink Network Client is only required for watching TV in a networked MediaCenter.

You do not need to install it if you want to watch TV using DVBLink UPNP TV server, DVBLink XBMC client or DVBLink mobile clients.


Windows OS consideration

DVBLink Network Client requires Windows 7 (32 or 64 bits).

Running installation

Launch dvblink_network_client.msi installer executable and follow instructions of the installation wizard.

DVBLink Network Client configuration

Launch DVBlink Client configurator from Windows Start menu -> DVBLink -> DVBLink Client Configuration.

When started for the first time, DVBLink Client configurator will prompt you for the network location of DVBLink Server:

Netclient props.jpg

Enter IP address or a host name of the computer where DVBLink Server runs and press Ok. If connection to DVBLink Server succeeds, DVBLink Client configurator will display a grid with available channels.

Windows MediaCenter setup

How to configure DVBLink tuners in Windows MediaCenter

How to synchronize DVBLink channels in Windows MediaCenter

How to set Windows MediaCenter to be the DVBLink default recorder

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