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DVBLink EPG Loader for EpgData.com 5.0.0

DVBLink EPG Loader for EpgData.com

Windows PC platform

Version: 5.0.0 build: 10157

  • Fully functional 20 days free trial is available immediately after product installation!
€ 12.60 ex Sales Tax


DVBLink EPG Loader for EpgData.com provides EpgData.com EPG information for your favorite TV channels. It includes more than 160 channels with near complete coverage for German-speaking countries. The EPG information contains a very comprehensive set of metadata for each channel, including name, short and extended program description, genre, series information, actors/editors/writers credits, thumbnail, release year, star rating and more!
Designed for fully automatic operations DVBLink EPG Loader for EpgData.com ensures that you always have the most up to date EPG information.


  • More than 160 channels with EPG information are available
  • Supported metadata information fields (subject to actual availability for each program):
    • Name
    • Short description
    • Start time and duration
    • Episode title
    • Actors/directors/writers
    • Thumbnail
    • Genre
    • Release year
  • List of available channels can be found at our Wiki


How to Install

DVBLink EPG Loader for EpgData.com is installed using DVBLink Package Center interface.
(To access the DVBLink Package Center interface, DVBLink Server has to be installed on your Windows PC first).

If you don't have internet connection on your Windows PC

Download .dlp installation package file here. Then follow the installation instructions.