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DVBLink AnalogTV

Windows PC platform

Version: 5.1.0 build: 11207

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DVBLink AnalogTV seamlessly integrates analog TV (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) and FM radio channels into DVBLink server infrastructure.
Programs from these channels can be recorded onto a hard disk of a host system (NAS or PC) and live and recorded TV can be streamed to Windows MediaCenter and its extenders, XBMC, DLNA clients, mobile clients for iOS, Android and WinPhone platforms and to web browser interface.


  • Supports analog TV channels and FM radio
  • Automatic color system detection with per-channel overwrite possibility
  • State-of-the-art software mpeg-2 audio/video encoder optimized for producing excellent picture quality with moderate CPU requirement
  • Support for multiple analog TV tuners from different brands
  • Supports PAL, SECAM and NTSC color systems (depending on the tuner capabilities)


  • Intel i3 or AMD Athlon/Phenom II x2 CPU or higher
  • Analog TV USB, PCI or PCIe tuner

How to Install

DVBLink AnalogTV is installed using DVBLink Package Center interface.
(To access the DVBLink Package Center interface, DVBLink Server has to be installed on your Windows PC first).

If you don't have internet connection on your Windows PC

Download .dlp installation package file here. Then follow the installation instructions.